A time to act

Back to stone age ?
Back to stone age ?
Are we going back to stone age ? Probably not.

Since the pandemic began, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from various esoteric organizations. Most of them are asking for prayers, meditations, thoughtful behavior toward others in order to go through this crisis.

There’s a part of me that thinks it’s positive that there are some people out there who give away their time for others, wether it’s through prayer or meditation. Whether you think it’s useful or not is irrelevant, those people believe it is, and they’re giving away their time for it.

But another part of me gets angry for every email I receive saying ” In those troubled time, let us think think about Margaret who’s been hit with cancer and is undergoing therapy. Feel free to add anyone in these meditations and we’ll all think of them”. Yeah. Great. I mean… it’s good that you’re in a giving mood brother, but now is not a time for grief.

That’s my main message here : now is not the time to grief. Yeah we’ve lost tens of thousands of lives so far in this country. Yeah it’s fucking terrible. A tragedy. That’s true. But unfortunately brother, now is not the time to grief. Now is the time to act. Because if we don’t, there will hundreds of thousands of lives lost.

That’s true too. Whether you like it or not, we will never go back to “what it was before”. That’s gone. It’s never coming back. There will be a before and an after. And the before is gone. But the after, brother, the after is being shaped right now. You are shaping it. I am shaping it. We all are. And you’re grieving ?

No ! Now is the time is to act. We’ve buried a millennium and we’ve buried its last century. Boom. Took 20 years but it’s all gone. Done. Kaput ! Half of our planet is locked down at home, when they have one, and the world’s economy is plain dead at the moment. Most of us were living month to month, when it’s year to year for the lucky, and week to week for the unlucky ones. Yeah that sucks.

Now after this whole thing, a lot of people are gonna go down on the time-frame in which they can project themselves : some will end up living day to day and that’s scary. The money printing that’s been going for 2 months now might have avoided a plain crash in markets, but don ‘t let the fake recovery fool you : most of the assets have not hit rock bottom because they’ve been bought by central banks with freshly printed bucks.

No one knows how we’re going to get out of this mess, not even the central banks, not even the politicians. Of course they’re going to try to spread that spending over the entire population through inflation and increased taxation, but how can this work if :

  • Prices rise because of the increase in money circulating
  • Wages don’t go up because of mass unemployment (and in some countries, mass immigration on top of that).
  • Inequality keeps on rises because the monetary policy favors the rich at the expense of the poor.

How can this end well ? Well, things always end well. In the end. But is the path to get there going to be pleasant ? I doubt so. This is why now is not a time to grief, it’s a time to act.

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