On the #ChristChurch attack and why Ideas are like viruses.

Yesterday I spent 10 minutes wondering whether or not I should watch the video of shooting that had taken place in New Zealand. A part of me said yes because I wanted to know what terrorism was : I had never watched the videos of Bataclan shooting or whatever. The rest of me was saying : “why put yourself through this, what will you get out off this ?”

Reality. That’s what I was getting out of this.

So I decided to watch it. I’ll spend you the details, they don’t serve the purpose of this post. What I can tell you however was that my 1st reaction was : “Fuck !?! Jesus Christ, this is like a video game…” And then I paused for a second. What was that thought ? I felt ashamed of thinking that. I reflected and realized that yeah, it actually was like in a video game.

This has been going on for a long time

The guy who did this actually had a “GoPro”-like camera on his forehead. What he did, you could see “just like if you were him”. Like in a FPS. That thing was like Call of Duty, except it was real. And the guy streamed it live on Facebook and Instagram. What the actual fuck, right ?! Well it’s not that complicated.

This is where this post becomes borderline esoteric, but bear with me, I’ll use images that even the most down-to-earth rational minds can agree on. You see I believe that all things that happen in reality first take place in people’s minds. Everybody can agree that the human mind is where ideas sprout, but I believe it’s also were reality/facts come to life.

Let’s take the example of a building. Before the first stone is laid, the architect will first visualize the construction in his head. He will fill his mind with the requirements he was given by the client, he will look at the photos of the neighborhood, he will research the laws that apply to the area, etc.

And then his mind will get to work, almost magically, combining the elements together and start coming up with things. Only when he has the ideas in his mind can he then start to put them down on paper and start transmuting those thoughts in the actual world, in things that you can actually see and touch.

This examples helps understand how anything happening in the physical world first appears in the “mind” of people, which is a very real world for us, but that others cannot see nor touch.

This brings me to my second point : ideas propagation. From the way I see it, ideas are kinda like viruses if you allow me that image. First of all, they spread, and they spread FAST as fuck. For the Cartesians out there : just look at what today’s society calls “Internet Buzz” to see my point.

What’s also interesting is that once they’ve exited one’s person mind, ideas start to have a life of their own. You may have thought of something, told someone about it who found it interesting (and was “contaminated” with that idea), but who will end spreading a different “version” of the idea you had in your mind. And then onto another person, et cetera.

This shows that while you were responsible for the initial idea, it can evolve on its own, and generate effects that you may have not foreseen when you first transmuted that idea from the world of your mind into either speech, or writing, or DM or whatever, and put it into other people’s minds.

Ok now that we’ve established that ideas have a life of their own, let’s look at how ideas evolve. Back to esoteric stuff : I believe that ideas’ strength comes from the sum of the volume AND intensity of “brain power” that people put into it.

Again, for the Cartesians : if there’s an idea/feeling of revolt and anger shared by a large percentage of a country’s population, a revolution is more like to ensue. Can we agree on that ? In need you on this point to get to the bottom of this reasoning.

Ok so now we’ve established that :

1) Facts / objects / actions “in the real world” first are born in the mind
2) Once manifested / transmuted, ideas live a life of their own
3) The strength of an idea is built on the “brain power” put on it

Further down the rabbit hole :

The 7 billion humans on this planet probably have had a HUGE number of different thoughts and ideas, good ones, bad ones, horrible ones, virtuous ones, anti-social ones, pro-social ones, whatever. The logical conclusion to this is that the ideas that will manifest into the physical world will be the ones we give brain-power to.

It is therefore our responsibility to watch and monitor how we allocate our brain-power in order to maximize the positive outputs it will generate in the world. We’ve however seen that devastating events can also come to life. Both bad and good existed in the world of ideas before they happened in real life.

This is where we wrap it all around for the video game thing of the beginning : the idea of mass killings has probably ALWAYS existed. But we can wonder if the fact of depicting it in movies, of even making people “pre-live” it through an Xbox controller, etc, aren’t all those things spreading those ideas into a bigger number of minds ?

I’m not saying video games trigger mass shootings. I’m saying that the more people have that idea that “mass shootings can exist” in their head, the more likely it is that this idea will come to life because it’ll have a reached a psychopath’s brain, and this idea will be too strong and submit his will, triggering the violence.

Of course this gets complicated since all good ideas and their evil counterparts are all spreading at the same time, influencing our every action, every day, all the time. And it’s up to us to decide what we do with them, but I guess that it could be summed up in this :

Watch your mouth, but more importantly, watch your thoughts.

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