The Coronavirus survival kit


If you’re reading this you’re probably worried about the Coronavirus infection that is spreading across the globe after originating in Wuhan, China. I am too and I’ve bought a few supplies on Amazon « just to be sure ». Bellow you’ll find a list of items that I’ve bought, and a few reasons why.

If you click on the links I provide and buy those items for yourself, I will earn a small commission from Amazon. This your way of saying thanks for sharing those products with you.

First of all, this virus is spreading like a flu, that is mainly through you’re respiratory system. This is why I bought a pair of masks with replaceable filters, so that if the infection spreads deeply, I will be able to go through contaminated areas with a reduced risk of being contaminated myself. FFP3 masks are good because they filter tiny particles like virus and bacteria, and those masks also protect you from solvents and different toxic gasses.

If you want, you can also buy additional filters for your masks, as they generally expire like 5-6 years after you’ve bought them, you should be good to go for a long time. Remember to not open your masks / filters until you really need them because they will start to wear out when you do.

If you want to go full protection / crazy on this, I’ve also bought 2 pairs of eyes protection glasses because, well, you don’t want the virus to enter your body through a projection in your eyes. I’ve chosen a cheap pair for this because they serve the simple purpose of just preventing external things to get into your eyes.

Probably because I’m paranoid as fuck, I’ve also bought a 10€ Body protection gear that I’ll probably just keep packed in a closet and never use. But if shit gets real, that’ll have been 20 euros spent more usefully that I’ve drank beers with them. Here’s a link below.

I’ve also bought gloves because sometimes you need to interact with your environnement and also I thought it was cool to have a “cover everything” quid of equipment thing ready.

I already own a leatherman and I believe everyone should too, so if you don’t have one in your emergency kit, maybe now is the time to do so : they’re so handy / useful I don’t understand why I waited so long to buy one.

Lastly, I thought my kit wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have water purification pills. Those things cost so little, purify your water for 6 months and can facilitate your survival in times of troubles. They cost like 20 euros and last for years too.

Annnnnnnd that’s it. That’s the only things I have bought. Cost me like 100 euros total, but if we get a plague like type of shitstorm because of this virus (or the next one), at least I’ll have a things to keep me protected. Maybe that’s stupid (probably), but who knows ?


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