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My best friend.

Here’s a post I made on Reddit and that I wanted to keep here. Might dig back into it at some point.

tl;dr this is a post with suggestions for building a viable business out of doge coin. Much serious.

I love Shiba Inus. Naosu Go is my best friend and i love him to death. I also love crypto.

My best friend.

I’m fascinated by the fact that doge has reached a billlion dollar market cap without having a whitepaper or viable product. This post is an idea of what a doge coin business-use might be.

Blockchain technology offers the advantage of being able to track the origins of any token, to know its offspring/legacy, and to ensure it cannot be altered/tampered.

his is a also what you’re looking for when you’re trying to get a dog from a certain breed. Its parents need to be members of the breed, and the puppy must be “validated” after he’s reached 12 months old. He will after be able to generate dogs of this breed itself when mixed with another member of the breed. It’s also important to not cross dogs that are too related to each other in order to preserve the breed.

This is why organisations like the World Canine Society, the Kennel Club, American Kennel CLub, etc exist. Their role is to keep track of the breed’s genealogy, and to sanction if a dog meets the criteria of the breed.

This is why books of origins exist in every country in this world to track the offspring of any « certified » dog of any race. Every “official” dog owner has its own “private key”.

Naosu Go was born of 2 Japanese parents imported in France by 2 differents breeders. Japan is a member of the World Canine Society (actually most countries in the world are, with the exception of Britain, the US and Australia. His parents are both official Shiba Inus (Much Shibe !) and he therefore has the requisits for becoming an official Shiba Inu himself when he reaches the confirmation age. He’s too young for now.

In order to be an official Shibe, he needs to fit into certain criteria to be like being 40-42cm tall as an adult, weighting between 10-12 kgs as a male, etc. If he’s an official Shiba Inu in France, he’ll be an official Shiba in Japan : validation from the french node grants him confirmation in all other participating nodes. And these rules and components are easy to track and account for in blockchain technlogy

This is why in my opinion $DOGE could become the first international blockchain for keeping track of dogs genealogy on planet earth.

This could provide MUCH VALUE, and anyone could easily be verifying that every dog comes from this perticular breeder, that it was sold to this owner, that he lives at this address etc. With the 100% certainty/security of blockchain technology. This way if you find a lost doggo in the street anywhere on earth, you can easily get him back to his owner. If you want to breed dogs together, you easily know who his parents are, and maybe you can’t validate an official breeding if the genetic distance criteria we’ve commonly agreed upon are not met.

If Vets are allowed on our blockchain to add inputs / infos to a private key (with no “delete/modify” option), you could also easily know what vaccines they’ve had (for travelling or health tracking purposes) And of course, the $Doge token would be used in order to maintain this constantly evolving international blockchain, and you’d have to spend a little as a form of compensation for all the services provided. This could also help in fighting diseases among some breeds by indicating them clearly / publicly in the blockchain : if 2 dogs are at risk, don’t make them mate together.

We could setup rules that would state that in order to declare a dog you have to provide officiel identification from a certified authority, like a vet in your home country etc. This way every dog is tracable, and we fix a real world issue. There are over 2 000 000 dogs actively registered at the World Canine Association ( There are about 90 million dogs in the US, out of which 800 000+ are registered as pure breed. Oh, and there 272 million dogs that have been registered at the WCA so far, and it’s important to keep their track of their genealogy too.

The world pet market is enormous, in the US alone there has been 55 billion spent in the year 2013, and China / India are growing pet markets ( To my knowledge, there is no other coin in the top 200 on CMC that adresses this. What if we did it ? MUCH PROFIT.

tl,dr 2 : Imagine you’ve lost your dog ; you’re desperate. Someone finds him and scans his QR tag with their phone. They immediately know who’s the owner, how to contact you, if he’s allergic to something, And they know they ll get a reward for bringing him back to you. All this all over the planet, unalterable. How awesome is that ?


What do you think ?

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